Life’s Pruning Process

In my front yard, I have a pecan tree that requires routine pruning to maintain its health and increase its productivity.

During the pruning stage, not only are dead limbs clipped and cut back, but healthy limbs may be cut as well. Through this process both unfruitful and superfluous branches are removed – the bad and the good, the ugly and the beautiful, the useless and the useful.

Excessive produce and useful parts must be removed to reveal hidden problems, like a spawning fungus, and to allow another part of the tree to grow.

To grow stronger, to get better, and to become what you desire to be, you’ll always have to let something go. 

Just as trees and shrubs require pruning to grow stronger, so does your life. Pruning is essential to your success and shouldn’t be viewed as a painful thing. To grow stronger, to get better, and to become what you desire to be, you’ll always have to let something go. 

All throughout your life, your associations, abilities, and assignments will change. Not only so, but different stages of your life require routine evaluations to help you realign new priorities and to let old things go. The strength of your capabilities will even fluctuate from season to season and their prevalence in your life changes based on the demand.

These things are each a part of life’s pruning process. Let this change your perspective. When something ends – good or bad, look forward to the new prospects that are to come.

Though your life assignment and purpose remains constant, seasonally, your associations, your abilities, and your assignments will not. Know when it’s time to let things go. 

God could be shielding you from a setback, preparing you for new resources, or further perfecting your character. During life’s pruning seasons, He could even be cutting back some good things, to allow an underdeveloped part of you grow, mature, and eventually, produce.

Whatever you are losing, remember you’re being positioned to grow, to expand, and to flourish!

So, just let go to go forward.

Devotional Reading

John 15:1-17


Lord, help me to recognize, to evaluate, and to appreciate each stage I’m at in life.

In Jesus’ Name

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Featured Photo: Pexels via Pixabay

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