God is Breaking the Attack of the Enemy Releasing a Heavy “Weariness” Over the Lives of Many Believers Right Now in This Season…

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There is a spirit of weariness that has come against many in the body of Christ lately. It is a heavy weariness of heart, a weariness of the physical body, an exhaustion that has come against many to attempt to ‘shut you down’. This spirit of weariness has been sent by the enemy as a strategic attack to steal the LIFE and VISION of God’s people for what He is leading them into and strategies for this season. lana-vawser-10%2f23%2f16-prophetic-word-6
This weariness has been heavy and at times has left many feeling like the “life is being sucked out of them.” The enemy is scared of what God is doing and about to do through your life and he is doing all he can to shut you down. This spirit of death/witchcraft that is hitting many is attempting to shut down your SIGHT and your STRENGTH, but the Lord is BREAKING that weariness. This attack is bringing tremendous confusion, a feeling of being dazed, not being able to think straight, and a feeling of “I feel like I’m losing my mind”!!
Pay attention to the area that this heavy weariness is hitting, pay attention to what area that feeling of having the “life sucked out of you” and “why bother” has hit, because this is very area of your next breakthrough. Where the weariness has been so heavy and no signs of visible life in the natural, there are about to be overnight miraculous turnarounds.

This attack is really attempting to shut down heavenly VISION God is releasing and blindfold many, but as you stand firm in worship, the truth is, what He is speaking is about to MANIFEST INTO REALITY. You are crossing over in MANIFESTATION.

I saw encounters with Jesus and His power taking place in many lives all across the body of Christ at a level many had never experienced and was suddenly breaking the heaviness and the chains of this weariness. The weariness has been so heavy against many, the exhaustion so deep and out of the norm, it brings with it the sense of “just give up”, “don’t push through anymore, it’s too hard” but the Lord is breaking the affect of this attack as the people of God WORSHIP. Worship you way through this! As you worship the Lord is bringing a greater AWAKENING and ACTIVATING into the lives of His people. lana-vawser-10%2f23%2f16-prophetic-word-2

Increase of sight, strategy and strength is flooding into the hearts, souls and lives of believers as they position themselves in worship and His power is displayed. A greater activation of giftings, operating in them and flowing in His anointing is being released.

The weariness has been heavy, but rejoice for it is breaking and as you are positioned in worship as your warfare, you are moving into encounters with seeing His Shekinah Glory, seeing the weighty manifested presence of God that is going to leave you undone in the most beautiful way. Undone by His power and His beauty. In these encounters with His Glory, you will be set on fire by His fire that will ignite your passion and hunger for Him in exponential ways. As His fire falls, creativity is going to explode. Fresh expressions of worship, expressions of the creativity of God will burst forth. Where this spirit of weariness has attempted to keep you caged, you will be infused with a supernatural strength, joy and expression of His creativity in your life that you have not experienced before.lana-vawser-10%2f23%2f16-prophetic-word-4

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