This message is for forerunners, those seeking change, justice, the depressed, the suicidal, and the discouraged.


  • Innovators, builders, and pioneers be encouraged – the difficulties you’ve faced are largely due to your position as a forerunner.
  • A spiritual shift is coming for your good – the dark valley of tears you’ve experienced will turn into a brook of blessings (Psalm 84:5-6 TPT).
  • You must look through the eyes of faith – as you transition, what you see naturally will appear opposite of the good things you can expect.
  • Your struggles will become your strength – a greater ability to overcome obstacles and conflicts are being released, use it to help strengthen others.
  • A deeper intimacy with Jesus is coming – perfect love keeps us in harmony with God and away from the torment of fear [often manifested through self-hatred, rejection, anger, low self-esteem].


  • Take courage and press into God – meaning, go after God with all you have (Matthew 22:37)!

Livestreamed via Facebook Live on Friday, November 10, 2017 | Watch Time: 11:35 Minutes

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Nathan Dumlao

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