Forerunner 2K17 – Bristol, VA

How does one capture the essence of a movement like the Forerunner 2K17 Apostolic/Prophetic Conference? How does one translate it into typed characters or through the elegant strokes of a pen? It’s simple, you yield your hands to the labor of the Holy Spirit and write.

Forerunner 2K17 was more than a conference; it was a movement encompassing anything but the norm. This gathering released the apostolic winds of change, freshness, and rivers of rhema words from heaven. It set a wrecking ball to every demonic structure, dysfunctional thought pattern and fear driven behavior impeding the forward progression of GOD’S forerunners in the earth.

Forerunner 2K17 was life changing.

Plunge in, Go for Broke and Dream Wild

These words spoken by prophet Jennifer LeClaire arrested my hearing and set a clear demand on all listeners, encouraging us to dream like never before. Dreaming wild is something I’ve always done, but her words made me realize that somewhere along my journey, I’d stopped. LeClaire’s statement, in combination with an epiphany over a prayer I often recite inspired by Ephesians 3:20: “FATHER, expand my capacity to think,” caused a fiery determination to rise in me to no longer hold back! Like a wildfire, her words invaded my soul rekindling a passion for every dream accomplished, every dream had and those yet to be realized. By the end of the night, I’d joined the other attendees in this unified decree, “I’m dreaming wild,” pursuing my dreams for the GLORY of the KING who gave them to me.

Keep Your Heart Right

The next morning, the atmosphere was set ablaze as Jennifer LeClaire opened the session with one word – NEXT, and shared a story about David. Before David succeeded Saul as Israel’s second king, he had to face Goliath (1 Samuel 17:34-47). Not only was David’s destiny linked to overcoming the giant Goliath, but his victory over Saul also procured what he’d receive next in life. The spirit of the message was this:

“Turn the tables and prophesy to your Goliaths.” – Jennifer LeClaire

Following LeClaire’s exhortation, the mood shifted, and attendees embarked in a very motivating mentorship session with Apostle Ryan LeStrange. His message, built and expounded on LeClaire’s NEXT word. As we were reminded obstacles aka Sauls, will always present themselves on our way to the next, we learned:

“Keep your heart right, and Saul will not be able to stop your upgrade.” – Ryan LeStrange

Seize Your Kairos Moments

Apostle Dutch Sheets shared very deep admonishments, encouraging the church to “think differently and seize the kairos moments of GOD.” He shared that in this hour GOD is re-mantling the church and before this can happen a dismantling of the old wineskin must occur. The old wineskin represents an old way of doing things and an old way of thinking.

This picture captured the Holy Ghost dismantling every ounce of fear, rejection, and low self-esteem that had kept me hiding in a cave. | Photo Credit: Larry Michael Photografik

This picture is a manifestation of that word. The evening after hearing Apostle Sheets’ message, I almost walked away from my kairos moment out of fear, and I’m so thankful the FATHER wouldn’t let me. In fact, the HOLY SPIRIT backed me in a corner speaking strongly through one of my sisters saying: “Give me one reason why you can’t do this? You don’t have one. The time is now.”

As I was being dismantled of the old and re-mantled with the new GOD positioned HIS servant Larry Michael, an amazing photographer, to capture this very moment. This picture caught the Holy Ghost dismantling every ounce of fear, rejection, and low self-esteem that had kept me hiding in a cave. This image captures HIM breaking every curse and restoring my soul.

Further recollecting this experience, I can hear Psalmist Naomie Raine singing “Ding Dong the Witch Is Dead,” over every prophet that had been called up to the altar. There was such an anointing in that room. It released one sound of worship and one sound of war against the spirit of Jezebel. A WORD was even spoken to release the Jehu’s (the Millennials), and as you know, it was Jehu who ran without fear overthrowing Jezebel (2 Kings 9:1-37).

Forerunner 2K17 was pure power.

I remember leaving that night with my mind made up. I am going to dream again, keep my heart pure in all things and seize every kairos moment because fear is no longer my garment – I am a Forerunner.

You are a forerunner too! I prophetically declare and decree for you to RUN in JESUS name – RUN!!!


Jamila Jordan Moody is a co-founder, alongside her husband Apostle Carl E. Moody, of Kingdom United International Fellowship located in the beautiful mountains of Johnson City, TN. Jamila and her husband have two exceptional children, who currently attend college, and is herself an avid learner having earned multiple degrees. Jamila is currently a late stage Doctor of Education candidate at East Tennessee State University and is also a published author. Her debut literary work, Before the Throne: The Believer’s Guide to Authentic Worship for Manifested Miracles and a Transformed Life, can be purchased at major retailers online.

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