In this short video, Dr. Matthew Stevenson III outlines two powerful yet practical keys that act as an “instant gateway” into His Presence. These keys are…


As simple as these strategies may seem, they have the power to break you through any spiritual resistance that strives to lock you out. Listen in, as Dr. Stevenson lays out some basics in the beauty of brokenness, articulates a clear distinction between brokenness and depression, shares how gratitude intoxicates your heart with the goodness of God and more!

Please enjoy this teaching and also follow his December 2016 series on worship, entitled Bow.”

Streamed Live: 12.12.16 | Watch Time: 13:26 Minutes


Dr. Matthew Stevenson III is the founder, senior leader, and co-laborer, alongside his wife Dr. Kamilah Stevenson, of All Nations Worship Assembly of Chicago, IL. He is also the Apostolic Overseer of The G.A.T.E. Network which presently oversees 60 + churches worldwide.

Facebook: Dr. Matthew L. Stevenson III

Periscope: DrMatthewStevenson

Instagram: Dr.MatthewStevenson

Website: ALLNATIONSWA.COM | YouTube: All Nations Chicago


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