According to Dennis and Rita Bennett in their book The Holy Spirit and You, the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit given in 1 Corinthians 12, can be grouped into three different categories:

  • Inspirational or Fellowship Gifts – the Ability to Say
  • Gifts of Power – the Ability to Do
  • Gifts of Revelation – the Ability to Know

The vocal gifts are spoken, they include the gift of tongues, the gift of interpretation, and the gift of prophecy. The gifts of healing, the working of miracles, and the gift of faith are each power gifts, giving you the power to do. The revelation gifts are the discerning of spirits, the word of wisdom, and the word of knowledge, which gives you the power to know. 

Here I’ll focus on the word of knowledge.

Simply defined, the word of knowledge is supernaturally revealed facts about someone or something. Many of us are familiar with this gift by name, but are we familiar with its operation and as a follow-up question, are we walking in it? I believe that when topics and subjects are discussed, it stimulates its manifestation by sparking, building, and releasing the faith and desire to actually see it happen!

So I’d like to share this video with you on The Mystery of the Word of Knowledge by Shawn Bolz, one that is well acquainted with this gift, to instigate its manifestation in your life! In this short message, he shares:

  • Practical lessons to help you understand what it is.
  • Reasons why it’s so important and why you should operate in it.
  • How to safely gain experience in using the Word of Knowledge.
  • Several simple tools to help you apply it to your own life.


Watch Time: 28:31 Minutes

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Bennett, Dennis, and Rita Bennett. The Holy Spirit and You. Alachua, FL: Bridge-Logos, 2007. 82–83. Print.

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