The number three represents divine completeness and for three days The Generals of Deliverance Tour, kicking off in Houston, TX brought this very thing to 1300 + believers from all over the United States.

Looking out into the crowds was like looking into a sea of color. People of various races and backgrounds were represented among the masses. I met an Indian man who smiled at me with great warmth and sincerity, before encouraging me as a father would his child to keep doing what I was doing and that Jesus loved me! I met a family of four from New Mexico, that drove 14 hours just to attend and listened as the patriarch, crowned with beautiful white locks, humbly boasted on the riches of God’s goodness in his life. I met an Igbo woman and exchanged greetings with a lady of Portuguese descent. I saw Blacks, Whites, Latinos, Asians, Africans, Christians young and old. I saw God’s children. I saw my brothers, my sisters, my mothers, my fathers. I saw a glimpse of heaven. It was truly beautiful.

As we all converged under one roof,  it was clear everyone was with one accord and with one mind. Deliverance was the focus. You may question how much does one need to know about it other than to just command demonic spirits to come out? But there are so many different dimensions to deliverance and each attendee left understanding that. We were taught what deliverance is, its importance, how one maintains deliverance and all throughout the conference we experienced it!

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FacebookThe Generals of Deliverance

Prophetic Words

John Eckhardt, Ivory Hopkins, and Kim Daniels shared from the vaults of their knowledge, gathered through decades of work in deliverance, but they also released fresh revelatory treasures to encourage us all to keep forging ahead…

This is a Time of Restoration!

Kim Daniels said no longer would the fruit [the reward and the prosperity] of those that labor before God, moving in power and authority, manifesting His Kingdom in speech and deeds here on earth, be devoured by “the fruit eater,” nor would we bear fruit out of season!

Daniels says the church has been dealing with the seed picker, but God wants us to focus more intently on the fruit picker. This is such one that waits until your fruit is big and ripe, then attempts to snatch it from you

God says, “He wants to deliver the warfare church from the fruit eater.” – Kimberly Daniels

The time is over for you to minister deliverance, cast out demons, operate in power and live in lack. It’s time to enjoy the fruit of your labor! We will be prosperous and our double is coming.

Daniels also said God is looking for a church that can endure afflictions, not just a people who share testimonies of troubles they had before meeting God, but a church that loves God, faithfully enduring current and future adversities. We are such a church!

The Prophetic and Deliverance Mustn’t Divorce!

Ivory Hopkins shared a simple, yet powerful story to introduce the above concept. In Hopkin’s story, he recounts how he stood ministering alongside a prophet who released an accurately life-changing word to someone. The prophecy was powerful, but Hopkins noticed the person needed deliverance. This story demonstrates that the prophetic eye may not discern everything.

“Deliverance is not all of the answer, but leave it out and you’ll miss a piece.” – Ivory Hopkins

We must acknowledge that none of us will ever monopolize any function in Christianity, that spot is already taken by Christ, as He is the head of the Church. The revelation is this, what attempted to remain undisclosed in that person’s life, would have thwarted the very destiny God had just revealed to them. Deliverance must be woven and remain intertwined in the prophetic ministry, as it reinforces God’s Rhema word and manifests the change we need to obtain His promises!

Deliverance for the Deliverer!

John Eckhardt began to pace the platform back and forth, sensing the prophetic weight of God enveloping him before making references to Samson in the following inspired utterance:

Samson was a deliverer that got in trouble, but The Lord said: “your hair is growing back, your strength is coming back.” Like Samson, you’re pushing back the pillars of hell. Let the Samsons arise.

God is sending our strength back, so we can effectively act as His ambassadors, bringing deliverance to all that are oppressed by the devil! That’s good news!


Essential Teachings

Royal and Demetrice Mason of Antioch Christian Church in Wilmington, DE, brought forth necessary instructions as well, sharing timeless strategies for spiritual warfare and keys to staying free. Yet it did not end there! The rookies as some would see them, emerging millennial leaders, Sophia Ruffin and Tony Hernandez brought a fire that couldn’t be contained.

Sophia Ruffin tackled dealing with the residue of past behaviors, tracing demonic expressions to their roots, and dispelled popular myths surrounding homosexuality. While, Tony Hernandez shared an unbelievable testimony, showing us why he says: “Jesus can’t be explained, He can only be experienced.” He also taught how to we are to use the experience [demonstrations of the kingdom of God] to welcome the coming misfits and not to condemn them.

Ephesians 4:16 teaches us that every joint supports as a specific assignment in the Body of Christ and the first stop on The Generals of Deliverance Tour made this all the more evident.

The Visionaries


Facebook/Alexis Carlion Maston

The event was hosted by Dr. Alexis Maston and though she holds a Ph.D. in Adult, Professional and Community Education, her mountain of influence, or at least for right now, is Arts and Entertainment. In 2008, she founded Create Event Solutions before meeting her current business partner Deon Howard.

Deon Howard is a multidimensional, modern day renaissance man. Howard obtained an undergraduate degree in Business Administration from Hutson-Tillotson University, where he graduated #2 in his program. He later attended Full Sail University, where he graduated as valedictorian in the Entertainment Business Program with a Masters Degree in Entertainment Business.

In 2014, their dynamic partnership birthed K-Nation Group, a subsidiary of Maston’s Create Event Solutions. K-Nation is a Christian promotional company that serves as a launching pad, creating platforms for speakers, singers, and musicians. K-Nation is standing out from the rest in this uniqueness, instead of seeking existing platforms for their clients, they create them.


Facebook/Alexis Carlion Maston

Is this Something New?

This brings me back to the conference. As I looked at every leader represented, there was a common theme in each. None of them have relied on the platforms of others, but they have each created their own. How? By obeying God.

When have you seen a Mass Deliverance tour? Which of you has even heard of something like this? Today, the 21st Century American church is shifting back to the operations of the 1st Century Church and for good reasons. The church needs mass deliverance.

These three modern apostles are on present day missions trips! God is sending these generals to people they don’t pastor and churches they haven’t established (sounds like much of what Paul the apostle to the Gentiles did), to ensure God’s people get the deliverance they need so that we can become deliverer’s ourselves, operating under the power and authority of Almighty God, liberating the captives and bringing heaven to earth.

The Generals of Deliverance Tour will continue throughout the US with John Eckhardt, Kimberly Daniels, Ivory Hopkins, and others. I encourage you to attend this event as they visit a city near you. This is not just another conference. It’s not meant to just get you stirred. It’s not just another Christian meeting. I’m so over that. This is a conference to get you free and get you empowered.

These generals are ministering the deliverance we all need to grow.

This post will be updated with information for purchasing recordings from the conference as it becomes available so that you may have access to the workshops, messages, and complete corporate prophecies. Please check back for the update and/or subscribe to our email list! 

Featured Image Photo Credit: Facebook/The Generals of Deliverance


Terrance · September 14, 2016 at 1:50 pm

Awesome and encouraging post! Thank you for sharing!

DIANE CUNNINGHAM · September 25, 2016 at 3:45 am

This is powerful! Deliverance is the children’s bread and an urgent matter. Thank you for sharing.

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