The scripture teaches us to meditate on the precepts of the Lord. In this type of meditation, we experience God in a more intimate way by muttering, imagining, studying and pondering on His word (Joshua 1:8).
In this video, Philip Watson leads viewers into godly meditation using Song of Solomon 1:4 as the foundation. He also releases a powerful revelation on the chambers of God. If you’re having a hard time experiencing God’s presence or want to encounter Jesus right now, this video will help you.

Philip Watson serves under the spiritual leadership of John Eckhardt at Crusaders Church in Chicago, IL. He contributes to his local fellowship as an intercessory prayer leader, as well as beyond by ministering both locally and abroad. Philip is also an artist, you can find his latest musical release on Bandcamp at He has a tremendous teaching grace on his life, strengthened by a pure prophetic authority and natural ability to connect with others, to not only make learning practical but applicable. This gift not only benefits those in Christendom but as an educator with 7 + years experience it helps those in the common world too.

Philip Watson truly has the heart to see Jesus lifted up.

Contact Philip Watson directly for more information and opportunities concerning his ministry at KAZBLAK1@GMAIL.COM.

Facebook: Philip M Watson | Periscope:  Philip Watson

Featured Image Photo Credit: Flickr/Enrico