In this video, John Eckhardt demystifies charismatic witchcraft by clearly defining what it is and what it is not. Although this form of manipulation and control can occur in any denomination, he explains why it happens more in Pentecostal and Charismatic circles. He then provides examples of how it may manifest in both denominational and non-denominational churches. Apostle Eckhardt also explains how leaders can become its victims and unfortunately use this ungodly behavior to control their congregants.

The purpose of this teaching is to help you identify charismatic witchcraft in leadership, churches, and even from within yourself so that you may receive deliverance! If you are being controlled or doing the controlling, there is yet help for you!

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Live Broadcast Aired as “Charismatic Witchcraft, Control, Intimidation, Manipulation” between 8.2-8.3.16 | Watch Time: 33:04

John Eckhardt is the overseer of Crusaders Ministries in Chicago, IL, the founder of IMPACT Network, and the spiritual father of many. He is an internationally acclaimed speaker and has ministered in over 70 nations. He is also a very prominent author, with well over 40 books under his writing belt, including best-sellers, “Prayers that Rout Demons” and “Prayers that Break Curses.”

Destroying the Spirit of Rejection” is Eckhardt’s latest work. This subject couldn’t be any more universal because we’ve all experienced the heinous sting of rejection, either as the accuser or the abuser. This subject also couldn’t be more prevalent to the body of Christ because many are living with the unhealed scars of rejection and wounding others. Lastly, this subject couldn’t be more timely, because rejection divides and the church can no longer afford to be divided due to rejection issues.  

The world needs us.

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