Reset 2K17 – Houston. Three days. Close to 7000 people. Three days later.

1.24.17 | Thursday, January 19th, 2017, heavy anticipation and expectancy filled Greater Grace Church in Houston, TX, as believers from far and near came together under the clarion call of one man – John EckhardtNot only was this burning expectation present, but it was met.

Cheryl Davis, journeyed all the way from Trinidad to be a part of Reset! She discovered Apostle Eckhardt through YouTube last year and has been following his teachings ever since! Once she heard about this event, she knew she had to be there and traveled from the West Indies to Florida to Texas to do so. 

I’m sure there were other stories like Cheryl’s because the place was a melting pot! Still contrary to all the visible diversity in the room, everyone was there for one thing – for the Reset.

As the apostles and prophets released prayer and unabated praise resounded, fiery colored flags filled the room. The word RESET brazenly motioned back and forth over a sea of people, now Reset was not only being declared it was being demonstrated. Next, an image of a roaring lion emerged, stamped across the face of a vibrantly colored flag. At this, thoughts of our God, the General of all generals and the Mightiest One of all mighty men, standing up to faithfully wage war for us came to mind!

Our King, smelling the fragrant aroma of our worship and sensing the sincerity of our calls to Him, arose to loyally attend to His bride. To breathe His breath of life to us and through us in order for us to be recalibrated and refreshed. God Almighty roused Himself from His holy habitation to Reset us in order that we might become what He always intended for us to be.

The Lineup

Dr. Alexis Maston orchestrated the service. Conference speakers included Dr. Matthew Stevenson III, Ryan LeStrange, Yolanda Stith, Travis Jennings, State Representative Kimberly Daniels, Sophia Ruffin, and visionary John Eckhardt. Prophetic releases came from Stephen Garner, Michelle McClain-Walters, Toni Nunn, and Timothy Alden. Featured psalmists included Kathryn Summers-Kelley and Phil Tarver along with newcomers Enrique Holmes and Deon Howard

Here’s some of what was shared during the event:

Dr. Matthew Stevenson III opened the conference with a message urging us to “Look Again,” to reset our eyes and our perception! With this new found vision we were ready to eat on the messages of LeStrange, Stith, and Ruffin.

Apostle Ryan LeStrange, who Eckhardt previously introduced as one who moves in an “unusual anointing for revival and miracles,” revved us up to be bold and to fight for the Reset. Which would bring a great release of supernatural phenomenon, as well as exciting shifts in media and music too!

The Holy Spirit interrupted Apostle Yolanda Sith‘s message and encapsulated her in His Glory. Her ministry brought a 2 Chronicles 5:14 moment and basking under the weighty canopy of God’s presence was the only reasonable response.

Prophet Sophia Ruffin, like a firecracker, is always ready to pop off in the Name of Jesus and His immense Love, of which she is very well acquainted. She released a message on regret that we can all relate to. As she empathized with us, knowing the pain and constraints of living in this morbid state, she baptized us in the hope that comes with God’s Reset!

John Eckhardt, in the form of a true apostle, pulled everything together in a message explaining what Reset was all about. He substantiated its importance and validity with several biblical references.

Apostle Kimberly Daniels was full of fire, proclaiming that God was resetting and delivering us from “them [the naysayers],whoever they are! She also shared that we would be favored not because of our accomplishments, but because of the “excellent spirit” within us (Daniel 6:3).

Apostle Travis Jennings added a necessary paradigm for our recently reset minds, which was to make minor adjustments and to THINK BIG. The conference closed in just that manner too, with thousands of believers engaging in a “Big Prophetic Activation.”

What the Reset meant for me?

I see Reset as God vetoing every poor decision I’ve made. I see Reset as God highlighting every opportunity I missed. I see Reset as God overriding every obstinate decision I may attempt to make. How you envision and receive Reset is subjective, but the fact remains that He is overriding your life as it presently is, including your current position, your state of being, choices you’ve made, and the surmounting restrictions your decisions may have placed you under.

In this Reset, Your Father is exercising His authority over all, starting with you…

Curses are now blessings.

Impossibilities are now possibilities.

Fear is now replaced with faith.

Limitations have become launching pads.

What you thought you deserved or hey, maybe even what you did deserve is now over!

The Reset is personal and it’s very much so about you, but it’s not just about you! After being reset, it’s your dutiful responsibility to take what you’ve learned and share it with someone else!

Happy Reset!