Millennial New Year’s Goals: Create Revolutions, Not Resolutions

To my fellow Millennials – the generation that colors outside the lines to make their own rules, this is for you. I propose that instead of embracing a New Year’s resolution you start a New Year’s revolution.

Decide to revolt against the typical goal setting theme of this season to create a new norm. A norm where New Year’s resolutions happen anytime and anywhere.

Today, I challenge you to reprogram your mind to see things differently. Your New Year can start any day, so why wait until January?

This revolution is not about doing away with the idea of changing the blueprint of resolutions, but about introducing the past to the present and giving birth to the future.

Are you excited? Good, let’s get started!


Turn away from what doesn’t work. That’s right, drop it like it’s hot. Let go and don’t look back. Let go of the negative thought patterns, the hurt, unforgiveness, procrastination, and settling.

Then think about this. Are you satisfied with where you are and with who you’re becoming or are you stagnant and waiting for an opportunity to fall from the sky? What do you really want? Beyond the “American dream” programmed into your psyche or the idea of carrying on a family legacy, what is your purpose on Earth?

The key in all of this is you? If your life’s plan is overly contaminated with the opinions and influences of others, you’ll taint the authenticity of who you are. Which makes you a slave, not a success. God defines your success, not people. 

You are on Earth, not to succumb to a redundant lifestyle or the standard of another, but to shift the flow of your generation by tapping into your purpose. You’re called to break cycles and to live beyond the voice of fear and doubt. So get quiet, get real quiet and get real with yourself. Recognize that you are revolutionary.

Build new systems. When you turn away from what doesn’t work, you typically feel you’re back at square one. It’s a good place, trust me. Beyond the mixed emotions and impatience echoing you’re wasting time, you’ll begin to discover that a fresh start is more rewarding than you thought. Most think that the unknown is scary, but I say try traveling down the path of those who were afraid of change and tell me how that works out for you.

If things are well for you, be mindful that there’s always another level of accomplishment that awaits you. In life, you never quite arrive, but as you live, you’ll discover new keys to unlock yet another level of possibilities. The key is change – your mind must change. Levels, chapters, and worlds begin in the conscious.

God desires always to blow your mind. His plans are far higher than yours. Accessing His plans for your life requires that you interact with Him. In God’s presence, your strength is renewed, your identity is validated and the Holy Spirit tells on God, giving you the wisdom and strategy to take on life.

If you can practice this daily, you won’t have to wait an entire year to revamp your life. Easier said than done? If you find yourself needing help, don’t be afraid to ask. Remember, you’re not meant to do life alone, which brings us to #3.

Recognize that you’re a tiny piece of a massive puzzle. In other words, you need people. If you live with an island mentality, it’s tough to build lasting, stable relationships. We need one another. The structure, wisdom, and advice received from those around you are necessary for your growth and development.

Technology is advancing quickly, yet the foundational wisdom needed to live a balanced and successful life exists in those who came before you. Baby boomers and Generation Xers are oozing with the missing links you need.

I find that as Millenials, we sometimes want things fast with minimum effort while older generations have a completely different work ethic than us. Why not draw from those wells of wisdom, knowledge, and experience? According to Proverbs 11:14, where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counsellors there is safety. We build faster and smarter together.

Return to the basics – you who use excessive data to tell a story using emojis and chop small words into three-letter abbreviations that confound your elders. You are gifted to make things simple, so do it.

That sudden and great change that you desire is available; you just have to be willing to let go of what isn’t working, revamp your thinking and make an exchange.

As a millennial, you must embrace your creativity. Remain teachable, ask for help and be open to exchanging information. Millennial, you can do this and still color outside of the lines, switch things up abruptly and challenge the world around you to see things differently.

Life isn’t just about arriving. It’s about getting the most bang for your time. Live with the future in mind, but don’t neglect the present – the things and people around you now that matter the most.

Your journey takes time and your New Year can start any day, so no matter when you decide to draft up your New Year’s plan, there’s always going to be 365 days available to you. Again I ask you, why wait until January?  Your New Year’s Revolution begins now – with truth and ends in greatness.


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