I’d like to help some of you, specifically those that are eager to become full-time entrepreneurs. Let’s talk business and quitting your job. Let me preface this by saying first, that I don’t want to see anyone stuck in dead end job, but I especially don’t want to see you and your family homeless!

Faith VS Folly

There is a major difference between faith and folly. For example, I’ve heard people say pray for me, my gas is about to be disconnected and I’ve been left to wonder, umm, did you pay the bill? Other times I’ve heard, I’m about to lose my place, please pray for me and I’m literally looking at someone that is sharply dressed, like, umm are you wearing your mortgage or your rent? If you skipped getting the $500 weave or the $900 pair of shoes that you’re using to impress people that aren’t going to take care of you in your need, would you still be in the situation?

As a parent, you cannot neglect your parental duties chasing entrepreneurial goals and if you are your household’s only source of income you must ensure your mortgage, or rent, plus your others bills are paid.

If you have a burning desire to start a business please pursue that vision! Make it happen and trust God for the increase, however, don’t quit your day job prematurely. Instead transition wisely.

Make a Wise Transition

If you are inspired to walk out of your 9 to 5 and into the full pursuit of your vision, begin with managing your time between being an employee and an entrepreneur. In fact, most millionaires have multiple streams of income, including residual revenue!

Also, you may need to continue working to save some money. Your business will require start up costs and you should have something explicitly set aside for this, even if it’s just a few hundred dollars to strategically advertise and promote your services.

If your goal is chump change you may not need to think of these things, but if you have a six-figure or a seven-figure vision you need to act like it and learn from the best!

I know some of you may not agree with my frankness, but please know that I want to see you successful and somebody must tell you the truth! Wisdom is the principle thing and in all your getting, get some understanding (Proverbs 4:7)! Use wisdom to distinguish the difference between faith and folly. Be excited about venturing into business, but take inventory of your life and have wisdom when you take any leap of faith! God will sustain you, but if you make goofy decisions based on the favor, lifestyle, and circumstances of the life of someone else you may be creating a problem for yourself.


Michelle J. Miller, ESQ., LLM, is an experienced corporate attorney, a gifted international speaker, a scholar, and a success strategist. Michelle J. Miller is a wealth of wisdom and knowledge, best of all she doesn’t mind sharing the wealth! She desires to see everyone excel, which is evidenced in her community involvement, ministry work, and international human rights initiatives. Please see her full bio here.

Prophet Michelle serves under the spiritual leadership of John Eckhardt.


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Diane Cunningham · January 23, 2017 at 7:22 am

The wise and prudent will heed this advice, and they will prosper. The foolish, however, will ignore it and perish.

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