On Monday, October 23, 2017, while reading the Book of Obadiah I sensed the God of heaven had a message He wanted to share with all His children.
God is a Righteous Judge and a lover of justice, because of this recompense is on the way…
God is a lover of justice and the Book of Obadiah is all about Him enforcing that justice for His children. Affliction had befallen Israel, due to their rebellion, and close relative Edom (another nation) didn’t help. They shamelessly gloated in their sufferings versus helping or at least mourning with them. As a result, the Lord spoke through Prophet Obadiah announcing He would repay Edom’s cruelty towards Israel – His beloved. 
As the Lord spoke then, He speaks today, as Israel is My Offspring, so are you.
Do you think the Lord will not trouble those who trouble you? Do you think the Lord will not put a halt to those who attempt to halt you? Do you think your God will not shame those who try to shame you? Note: This is in reference to your true enemy – Satan, not people.
God, Your Father, is exposing and stopping darkness on your behalf [1]. No longer will you wonder where God is or have to remember the Lord for what He’s done because now your hope is being fulfilled. Note: Remembering past victories and accomplishments are great. And you may need to do that later – but not now because God is creating new memories and maximizing moments for you!


Beyond just recovering your losses, God is repaying them with interest! While writing the word interest, thoughts of the Shunammite woman from 2 Kings 8 instantly came to mind. In the text, famine forced the woman from her home and land for seven years, but with one order from the king, she regained everything with interest [2].
Can Your Invisible King not do this and more!? So He can and He does, commanding:
Give My children everything they are owed – including all of the potential income, resources, and opportunities robbed of them.
In the Book of Obadiah, not only did God avenge Israel, but He enlarged its borders and even so, the Lord expands you. [3]
You will possess, you will take over, and you will occupy every place, every plan, and every position the Lord has committed unto you!

Several weeks ago, a former coworker returned to my job site for a friendly visit. While visiting, she was encouraged by another peer to drop her business card on someone’s desk – not as a means to network, but to brag. She quickly responded, uh-uh that’s how you get the blessings taken away. The principle behind her response is key. Here’s why:
Arrogance establishes a wedge between you and God, blocking His blessings – aka the goodness and mercy hid deep within the mystery of His grace [4]. Do not become arrogant as the Lord openly rewards and restores you. Do not be as Edom, by gloating in the suffering of others [5]. In responding this way you essentially establish your fate with them. 
Always choose to bless others and send well wishes to your attackers [6].


Now Father, let Your fire come alive in me as I arise to reclaim my inheritance. I won’t give up because You’re near and have risen to fight for me!


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Featured Photo: Screenshot of the definition “recompense” from bing.com


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