So, I randomly created a #HalloweenChallenge that I’ll be doing for the next several days. Basically, I’m going to use all things related to ghouls and goblins as a conversation starter.
Whenever someone mentions anything remotely related to Halloween to me, I’m going to talk to them about the supernatural! Beyond that, I’ll routinely pop up on Periscope (@LolaCabaya) to share my experiences with you too!
It’s super easy and I legit hope you’ll join me!

Here’s the skinny:

[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”@LolaCabaya” suffix=””]God is supernatural, so if you know Him your life should be marked by the supernatural. [/inlinetweet]Which means this is the perfect season to talk about it openly and with ease! And also to try something new.

Are you tired of hearing why Halloween is evil or worst trying to use that to convince people that are cool with it otherwise? I am.

Jesus said we’re to be wise as snakes while teaching His disciples about evangelism and the Proverbs teach the wise win souls. Wisdom accepts when old models don’t work and will create room to try new things, so instead of approaching ghost stories, scary movies, zombies, witchcraft, and magic with that’s bad or you shouldn’t do it, try this:

Share an IRL SE (in real life spiritual experience) – but not just any kind, share a story where the supernatural power of God was also at work.

  • For example, when someone talks to you about haunted houses flip it to open a convo on how our spiritual houses can be haunted – i.e., the body being possessed or demonized.
  • Or you could tell them about an encounter you had with a ghost (spirit or demon)?

Got it? Good! Also, keep this in mind, your story should always ultimately point them to God.

Will you accept this challenge? Great! Be sure to use the #HalloweenChallenge hashtag and at me (@LolaCabaya), so I can hear about your experience!


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