On Saturday, July 29th, I heard the Lord say “We have entered into a season of soaring” and nothing else. Before this happened, I was blasting Steffany Gretzinger‘s rendition of Catch the Wind, driving down a two lane road and admiring the simple scenery around me.

As I began to agree with the affirmations of this song, hair blowing in the wind, I found myself squealing “I’m getting ready to take off,” and with tears surging down my cheeks, “I’m getting ready to soar.”

Photo by averie woodard on Unsplash

I graciously accepted God’s words, knowing they were for me and perceiving it was for others too, I promptly shared it on Periscope.

After a few more miles of driving, I passed a turtle daring to cross the road. All prepared to help him across, I looped back around to where he was, parked my car in the middle of the street and jumped out like a super hero.

After looking at the turtle, I opted to take him home and scurried to my trunk to grab a shoe box to carry him in. While there, two teenage girls stopped their pickup truck opposite of my car to help.

As I went to grab the turtle I was glad they were there, because he fearlessly stretched his head out and took off. I have never seen a turtle run before, but in a split second, he moved from the yellow line in the middle of the road, to the white line at the edge of the road. 🙄🙄🙄

Photo by Ray Hennessy on Unsplash

Of the two young women that stopped to help me, one eagerly boasted “we pick up turtles all the time,” so I let her grab him. She found the turtle between the brush on the side of the road and under her truck’s tire.

I tucked him away in the shoe box, said thank you, and took off. As I drove away, the Lord decided to elaborate on the words I’d heard just moments before…

A Peculiar Prophetic Sign

We have entered into a season of soaring because God desires for us to manifest success.

  • Like the turtle and the declarations in the song, we are to be bold, fearless, and full of courage.
  • Like the strangers that stopped to help me, God will send people to resource and aid you. Examine how strangers could unlock your next door in destiny here
  • Like the turtle, once you find your God niche – you will move in it at an expedited rate and in an unusual manner.

Here’s Your Charge

Many of us have come out of a time of purging and pruning, subsequently, advancement is near, and God is ready to share instructions for the future.

You were created to succeed and built to manifest success, but before you get there you must possess the courage to do two things – believe and change.

You must believe that God is super committed to you achieving success and you must endure routine seasons of preparation [pruning] to produce sustainability.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll share more on:

  • The Pruning Process
  • Managing Momentum
  • Humbly Sharing Your Achievements
  • Why God Needs to Actualize Breakthrough, Victory, and Prove Successful in Your Life

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