Here are six awesome New Year’s resolutions from two GenXers that frankly, anyone can use! Enjoy!

Better health, wholeness, and wellness. Physical, spiritual, and mental health not only help boost your quality of life, but it can further your lifespan. The goal is to live long, happy, and healthy.

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How to start? Juicing, drinking plenty of water, and intermittent fasting each help to cleanse your body of harmful toxins. Consider investing in a juicer! Making your own juice with fresh fruits and vegetables has huge health benefits and can support you in becoming better at fasting. While intermittent fasting can help clear your thoughts, improve your focus and overall health.

Learn something new. The more you know, the more you grow and the more valuable you become. But no one can get knowledge for you, but you, so decide to take control of your growth by learning something new each day!

How to start? Whether it’s going back to school, watching documentaries or reading books – do it! Take notes to help retain what you learn! Acquire knowledge so that you aren’t the one with your “head stuck in the sand.”


Positive mind, positive you. The end of a year is a great time to remind yourself of all the accomplishments you’ve made. Reflecting on your wins will help you to look forward to a new year with positivity, hope, and a conquering outlook.

How to start? Make a list of your achievements. Having trouble making your list? Ask someone you trust to help you! When you finish, celebrate your victories and track the behaviors that helped you win for future usage.

Helping others helps everyone, especially the helpers. Supporting others can boost your emotional state and studies show givers gain more than receivers neurologically. See 3 Ways Helping Others Benefits Your Brain.

How to start? Try helping someone – is that too easy for you? Then help someone that seems to be uptight. Their hard outer shells may be difficult to crack at first, but with skill and wisdom, you can help them see that the world is still full of kind people.

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Getting back to the times when are you social meant being affable not technologically fluid. The time before the Internet ruled the world, cell phones controlled our lives, and people used encyclopedias instead of Google.

How to start? Intentionally be more social. Turn your phone off and put it away, or use the do not disturb feature on your devices. Decide to interact more personally with others. Pay attention to those you love, and indeed relearn to enjoy their company.

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Endure difficulties. Stick it out with your friends and family. There’s a war against families, alignments, and all things involving unity. You can defeat the attack and change the outcome by remaining humble, loving through the lens of mercy, and choosing to endure.

How to start? Forgive quickly. Don’t keep bitterness inside of you. Forgiveness keeps your heart and minds healthy enough to love. Keep love in the forefront of your vision and don’t wait until the holidays to make things right. Every day that God gives is a great day to make amends!

Meet Joshua + Charlene Curry

Joshua and Charlene Curry have been married for 14 years and reside in California where they raise their 5 children. Joshua is currently pursuing a degree in Behavioral Social Science in Counseling. He is an avid reader with a love for learning new things and has a wide range of interests.

Charlene is an emerging prophetic voice that has a strong desire to encourage and help others find their prophetic voice. She holds a certificate in General Theological Studies from Harvest School of Ministry – ORU. Char enjoys writing, reading, praying for, and helping others.

Together, they have a passion for counseling and encouraging individuals, as well as couples, seeing them grow into their identity and calling. They are currently birthing their ministry to help progress the Kingdom of God.

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Michelle Farrar · December 31, 2017 at 8:38 pm

Congratulations on this. Awesome to see you take the next step. It is encouraging for us in position to step out into the next level. So glad you have a supportive team. Praying for and Looking forward to what’s to come from the smoking prophet. Blessings

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