Divine Acquisition

It’s time for your thoughts to align with the mind of God and for you to realize you’re capable of doing what He’s committed to your hands! It’s time for you to invest in yourself! 

Now is the time, for you to learn the language, the code, and the systems you are destined to operate in and ultimately influence!

It’s time for you to learn a new skillset! It’s time for you to encounter divine acquisition...

Published 10.01.17 | Watch Time: 54:32

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Dr. Alexis Maston holds a Ph.D. in Adult, Professional, and Community Education, her mountain of influence, or at least for right now, is Arts and Entertainment. In 2008, she founded Create Event Solutions and in 2014, birthed K-Nation Group, a subsidiary of Maston’s Create Event Solutions. K-Nation is a Christian promotional company that serves as a launching pad, creating platforms for speakers, singers, and musicians. K-Nation is standing out from the rest in this uniqueness, instead of seeking existing platforms for their clients, they create them.

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Instagram: DrGodsDefPoet

Facebook: Alexis Carlion Maston | Dr. Alexis Maston


Featured Photo by freestocks.org on Unsplash


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